FAQs / Contact Information

Order Issues

  • Q: I encountered a problem with my order. What should I do?
    • A: If you experience any issues with your order, including receiving the wrong size, a damaged product, or missing items, please reach out to us at To facilitate a quicker resolution, kindly provide images of the product or issue. While we generally do not offer refunds or returns, exceptions are made for damaged and misprinted items. For clothing kept in stock, we offer size exchanges if the desired size is available. However, for made-to-order products, exchanges are not possible.

Shipping Information

  • Q: I just placed an order. When will it ship?
    • A: Shipping times vary depending on the product. Made-to-order items, including phone cases, shoes, and certain apparel, typically reach the customer within 2 weeks. An email notification will be sent once your order ships. For in-stock items, we strive to dispatch orders within 2-4 business days.
  • Q: What about products that aren't made to order?
    • A: All in-stock orders are processed and shipped within 2-4 business days.
  • Q: What if my order contains items fulfilled at different locations?
    • A: Orders containing items from different locations, such as a shirt and a phone case, will be shipped separately. For example, the shirt will be sent directly from our shop, while the phone case will come from another supplier.


  • Q: What are pre-orders, and how do they work?
    • A: Pre-order items are not yet in production, meaning they are not immediately available for shipping. This allows customers to secure their desired size without the risk of it selling out and helps us avoid excess inventory. Product descriptions will provide further details on pre-order statuses.
  • Q: How long does it take to produce pre-ordered products?
    • A: Production for pre-ordered items typically takes 3-4 weeks.
  • Q: If I order an in-stock item along with a pre-order item, when will my order ship?
    • A: Orders that include both in-stock and pre-order items will be shipped together once the pre-ordered items are available.

Refunds and Exchanges

  • Q: Can I cancel a pre-order and receive a refund?
    • A: We do not offer refunds, exchanges, or returns. If there's an issue with your order or delivery address, please email us at We encourage customers to read product descriptions carefully to understand the ordering process fully.